Create demand for your business. Cost-effective marketing support from an experienced UK based agency.

When you're planning to invest in marketing, make sure you spend the money wisely. There's nothing better than seeing results having understood the need, developed a strong message and focused it in the right way. From researching an opportunity and producing a product specification, to a brand development proposal, to editing words in a tender, to a last-minute quote for an urgent presentation, we love to roll our sleeves up and get involved.

To help you grow as a business, we can:

  •   Get to know your business and your customers
  •   Identify new opportunities and help you with existing ones
  •   Challenge your process, use of time and marketing budget
  •   Develop ideas to motivate staff, sales teams and customers
  •   Select channels (web, email...) that work for you


Joe Austin Chartered Marketer

Jon Atkinson
Technical Director

The Big Idea Process

This is the process we use to effectively meet your needs.

Strategy Review & Development

We have developed a clear process, based on tried and tested techniques used successfully many times in practice.

Brand/Product Development

By sound understanding of the best way to generate demand, and by combining this with a rigorous review of your value proposition and how it meets the customer need, we can help you to produce big ideas.

Communication Planning: The Big Idea

Depending on your sales targets, this process can be adapted to suit the need. On a limited budget, it may involve a few conversations, some action points and recommendations. When targets are higher, workshops and research may be required.

Communication Channel Planning

We also believe in selecting the most efficient communication channels for the message, and making sure these channels support each other to produce results.

Lead Generation & Conversion

The process works. It is a structured thought process which stretches ideas and stimulates creativity. Most of all it means we work together on a clear plan, and give it a higher chance of success.